UEFI Rust std has a new home

Hello everyone. All my work on UEFI Rust std has been moved to tianocore/rust. This should help with allowing more contribution from both Tianocore and Rust’s sides. This post is just a sort of introduction to the new repository and how to get started.


The documentation of the std implementation for UEFI can be found at src/doc/rustc/src/platform-support/unknown-uefi.md. This can be built by using x.py:

./x.py doc src/doc/rustc/ --open

It outlines the requirements and the limitations of the current std for UEFI. It also contains a few examples to get users started.

Development Workflow

The tianocore/rust repository accepts PRs. I will also accept patches in the edk2 mailing list (my email: [email protected]).

Running Tests locally

Running Tests for UEFI is done using remote-test-server and remote-test-client as outlined in my previous post. The only thing I would like to change from that guide is the command to run tests:

RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 TEST_DEVICE_ADDR="localhost:12345" ./x.py test src/test/ui/{FILE or Directory} --target x86_64-unknown-uefi --stage 1

Running tests in single-threaded, even on the host side, fixes a lot of tests that fail due to timeout.


This post was just to spread the word about this work so more people can experiment and provide their feedback about it.

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