UEFI Rust Std is now in Nightly

Hello everyone. I started working on Rust Std for UEFI last year as a part of my Google Summer of Code 2022 project under Tianocore. My mentors for this project were Michael Kinney and Michael Kubacki. After a year of work, initial support for UEFI Rust std has been merged into upstream. In this post, I will review what is currently possible and my plans. ...more

September 25, 2023 #rust #uefi

GSoC23: Summary Post

Hello everyone. This is the final blog post I will write before Google Summer of Code 2023 ends (hopefully not the final greybus one). In this post, I will summarize my GSoC23 work to make it more accessible to everyone. ...more

August 26, 2023 #c #gsoc23 #zephyr #linux