Using Rust main from a custom entry point

Hello everyone. In this post, we will deep dive into the crux of the main() function and look behind the scenes. By the end, we will have some understanding of Rust runtime. Primarily, I will describe my current implementation of efi_main to hook into Rust runtime. ...more

June 21, 2022 #rust #tianocore #gsoc22 #uefi

Use Restricted std in UEFI

Hello Everyone; in my last post, I set up the development environment for working on adding Rust support for UEFI. In this post, I will get a restricted version of std (basically a glorified core + alloc) to work for the x86_64 UEFI target. We will be starting with the no_std hello_world program from the last post. ...more

June 16, 2022 #rust #tianocore #gsoc22 #uefi