Using KConfig with Rust

Hello everyone, I am currently working on KConfig bindings for Rust as a part of the Season of KDE 2022. The wrappers for most of the significant aspects of KConfig are complete, so I decided to rewrite the Introduction to KConfig Docs in Rust. The bindings are still not stable and will probably change before the end of the Season of KDE. Still, this post should also help me test out the bindings outside tests. The kconfig bindings can be found here. ...more

March 14, 2022 #rust #kde #sok22

Bitflags in Rust

While working on Rust bindings for KConfig as a part of Season of KDE 2022, I came across a few problems while trying to represent QFlags in Rust:

  1. Most QFlags are defined as C++ enums in which multiple members can have the same value. This is not possible in Rust enum.
  2. It is possible to enable multiple flags using BitwiseOr. Rust enums cannot do bitwise operations.
January 30, 2022 #rust #kde #cpp #sok22

Season of KDE 2022

I am Ayush Singh, a second-year student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad, India. My application has been accepted in the Season of KDE 2022. I will be working on writing a Rust wrapper for KConfig KDE Framework. This post describes my journey with KDE and why I submitted this Project for the Season of KDE. ...more

January 26, 2022 #kde #sok22