Validating Json Request in axum

I have been playing around with axum, and it has been quite a fun web framework. While using it, I came across what is a relatively common use case of validating the request JSON. However, I could not find any extractor for this. Thus I decided to write my own and share it with everyone. While I haven't put it in a crate, feel free to use the code as you wish. ...more

January 17, 2023 #rust #axum #web

GSoC22: Summary Post

Hello everyone. This is probably the final blog post I write before Google Summer of Code 2022 ends (hopefully not the final uefi one). In this post, I will summarize my GSoC22 work to make it more accessible to everyone. ...more

September 05, 2022 #rust #tianocore #gsoc22 #uefi