GSoC23: Project Status update

Hello everyone. It will soon be time for the Mid-term evaluation of Google Summer of Code 2023. Thus, I decided to write a post to summarise everything I have been working on. I will also go over how it can be replicated by anyone interested. ...more

July 08, 2023 #c #gsoc23 #zephyr #linux

GSoC23: Concurrency in ZephyrRTOS

Hello everyone. I am working on a CC1352 firmware for Zephyr. This will be responsible for SVC and AP Bridge role in the Greybus topology that Gbridge currently handles. Zephyr provides a lot of abstractions to write efficient concurrent code. I am going to discuss some of them in this post. ...more

July 03, 2023 #c #gsoc23 #zephyr

GSoC23: Linux Serial Device Bus

Hello everyone. The Linux driver I am working on will be a Serial Device Bus Driver. So in this post, I will review the critical components of writing a functional Linux Serial Device Bus driver. ...more

June 15, 2023 #c #gsoc23 #linux