Season of KDE 2022

I am Ayush Singh, a second-year student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad, India. My application has been accepted in the Season of KDE 2022. I will be working on writing a Rust wrapper for KConfig KDE Framework. This post describes my journey with KDE and why I submitted this Project for the Season of KDE. ...more

January 26, 2022 #kde #sok22

Creating Rust/QML Project

For the last few months, I have been pushing Rust/Qt development along. I am the author of ki18n crate and am currently in the middle of creating kconfig crate as a part of Season of KDE 2022.

In this post, I will walk you through creating a new Rust/QML project using cargo-generate templates. I made these templates to encourage more people to test out Qt development with Rust. ...more

January 22, 2022 #rust #kde